The Truth At Any Cost - Wikileaks

December 11th, 2010 + 5:12 AM  ·  Ike

New song I'm hoping to record this weekend while the nets are still buzzing about wikileaks. Any suggestions or help on a chorus would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think.
Thanks, Ike

The Truth At Any Cost
There was a man who wrote the truth
about governments and war
But the truth exposed the liers
for the criminals they were
He should be assassinated
some like sarah palin swore
Then the credit cards and paypal
and webhosts joined the fight
They only cared about their money
Not free speech or peoples rights
So they choose to please the powerful
Instead of freedom, truth or light
So thanks for the truth (So tell us I say)
Of the lives they've destroyed
Of you children they've killed
While they play with their toys
Of the pleasure they got
from the blood, bombs and noise
They say that your a traitor
But you're a hero to me
You risked your own life
So the truth could be free
Good luck bradley manning
You were braver than me (long live freedom of speech)
Brave men died for their country
but the leaders didn't care
In their twisted lies and war games
these deaths were more than fair
now there's a site call wikileaks
That puts these secrets out to air
With Julian Assange in jail
some think the fight is lost
But we won't give up that easy
We want the truth at any cost
Some scandals don't just go away
Some Dirty laundry can't be tossed
We want the truth at any fucking cost

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